New Official Text

USP-NF is continuously revised. Revisions occurring through USP's standard revision process are presented annually as Standard Revisions in the USP-NF and in twice-yearly Supplements. Revisions also may occur more frequently through one of USP's accelerated revision processes (Accelerated Revision Processes). Accelerated Revision Processes include Errata, Interim Revision Announcements (IRAs), and Revision Bulletins. Errata, IRAs, and Revision Bulletins are posted on the USP Web site in the New Official Text section, and Errata and IRAs also are published in the PF.

Errata, IRAs, and Revision Bulletins posted as New Official Text supersede standards in the on-line publication and in the USP-NF or Supplement. To see Errata, IRAs, and Revision Bulletins, go to

For more information on USP's Accelerated Revision Processes, see